Free Slot Machine: Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals


Soon, Captain 8 will embark on his most exciting mission yet. This galactic savior wants to take you on an adventure to find the dazzling Cosmic Crystals. There will be several tests on this dangerous expedition, but we have arranged extensive preparation for you.

Play the slot machine, Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals, and you may win the Power 8 Jackpot. This 5×3 reel, 25-line slot game will take you to new heights.

To your surprise, what happened? You will be going on Captain 8’s first trip into space with him. We have all heard of the legendary Cosmic Crystals; the moment has come to finally bring them home. You’ll be able to increase your chances of winning with free spins loaded with colossal symbols as you blast through space nebulae.

While the respin bonus round is active, you can collect more crystals, increasing your chances of winning. Don’t forget about the Power 8 Jackpot — there are lots of chances to win big in this red-hot online casino game.

Space training will be kept to a minimum. The Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals slot game is available for play on desktop computers, Macs, and mobile devices. The low required wagers, additional bonus features, free spins, and progressive jackpot all add up to an unforgettable journey through space.

Let’s review the basics of playing Captain 8 Power 8 Jackpot before you start off.


Put the key in the ignition. Prepare the thrusters. Aim points determined. Your captain here, Number 8 if you must know, speaks. We have a very important space mission to complete. The Cosmic Crystals are essential, and they can be found in just one location.

You’ll be in charge of the plane during this mission. To get started, launch the game on your computer or mobile device and you’ll see a 5×3 grid with 25 lines. To get started, all you need is $0.25 or a maximum thruster bet of $250 (no rocket fuel required).

The interface was developed with the goal of providing quick gameplay with as little visual interruptions as possible. The nebulae, galaxies, and wormholes are all clearly visible to you. To raise or lower your wager, use the plus and minus signs.

You may get a quick reel re-spin by pressing the circular arrow hyper-thrust button. Keep an eye out; the game is packed with exciting features including free spins, extra elements, and wilds. In lightning speed, you will be given a rundown of these supplementary features. Let’s start with the highest and lowest value signs.

Signs of Great Worth

Toy Radiation Weapon

You’ve Got It, Number 8

Alien Bad Guy

Monitor Control Panel

A Gold Shield for Captain 8

Insignificant Symbols





Want to hear more? Wild cards are represented by the Captain 8 shield. Additionally, a Helmet Scatter icon is included. The amazing aspects of our Cosmic Crystals journey have only just begun to be revealed. Hold tight, explorers, for we have a lot more to share in the capabilities section.


Playing Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals slots is like getting many adventures in one. Among the coolest features are bonus games, free spins, and a Power 8 Jackpot, but there are many more.


The Captain 8 Shield is the first symbol we’ll look at; it serves as the Wild. To complete winning combos, this symbol can stand in for any other sign, with the exception of the Free Spins Scatter and Bonus symbols.


Scatter is denoted by the Voyager helmet. If you get three Scatters anywhere on reels 1-3, you’ll win five free games immediately. The gold shield and the colossal symbols roll on reels 2-3-4 simultaneously during the Free Spins bonus round. In the Free Spins bonus round, three more free games may be won with the help of three 3X Scatters.

Optional Extra

When 6X purple cosmic crystal symbols appear on the reels, the re-spins bonus round begins. Initial play grants players three times the usual number of re-spins. Read the traveler’s guide for more information on the optional extra. Under some circumstances, these cash symbols can significantly increase one’s chances of winning. In addition, the Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpots each have their own sets of restrictions.

Jackpot Power 8

You probably know that there is a progressive jackpot in Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals. Multiple jackpot games share this amount of money. The jackpot has a timer with a guaranteed payoff at the end.

A player’s odds of earning the reward are one hundred percent at the singularity. The quantity of your wager has a major impact on how likely you are to win the jackpot. Your winnings proportionally increase with the size of your wager.


You have successfully finished your virtual training! We must now go mobile with Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals slot. The game platform developed by Section8 Studio is fully space-ready and can be played in any web browser. To get started with Captain 8, just install the app from the App Store or Google Play on your iOS or Android device.

The slot game Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals has been designed with portability in mind, including a full set of features, functions, and bonus rounds that work flawlessly regardless of device. Use your mobile device to play for the Power 8 Jackpot, free spins, and other bonuses anytime, anywhere. For all those rocket scientists on the go, nothing beats a mobile space adventure.

Keep in mind that as the clock winds down and your wagers get larger, the Power 8 Jackpot is within grasp.







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